Q: How long do I have to wait for my holster to be made and shipped?

A: Our holsters are ready made and awaiting to be shipped.  They are shipped out the next business day.

Q: What materials and methods are used the the manufacture of your holsters to make them quality holsters.

A:  1. We use only virgin Kydex, alot of Kydex holsters sold on ebay for cheap prices are made with recycled Kydex.  Only .08 inch thick Kydex is used it gives the best definition and strength combination.

      2. Our attachment hardware is of the highest quality.  Injection molded polymer struts with soft belt loops, these are very superior to the same made of Kydex.  Kydex does not last as long when formed into attachment hardware.

      3. DeHaven & DeHaven, LLC holsters of the pancake style, are all vacuum formed. This ensures a consistent molded holster.  This provides repeatable quality for each holster.   Investment into equipment allows us to produce a quality holster in a timely manner, to maintain inventory.  Our customers do not have to wait weeks and months for a quality holster.

      4. Features that are normally optional are included as standard.  Adjustable retention.  Sweat guards.  Ambidextrous features.  Tuckable attachment hardware.  You are able to tuck a shirt behind strut.  Soft loop provides superior retention to gun belt.  Pull the dot snaps are utilized, these are one way snaps for great holding power, they will not unsnap by accident.  And our taco style of holsters are designed to be flexible in how they are worn.  IWB in waist band or Appendix carry AIWB.  The strut and soft loop design allows this flexibility.  Our taco style of holsters can also be canted as a standard feature.

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